The mission of PhotographerDirectory.net couldn’t be more intuitive… it’s an online directory for market-savvy photographers who are working to promote their services to their local market.  A listing in the directory provides the photographer with the means to publish their contact info, their website address, genre or specialties, a short bio or description, their logo and/or a featured image which best portrays the quality of their work.

This is an Agile Project, which means it is a LIVE work-in-progress.  As such, you should expect to see additional features and changes being applied in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  

You might be wondering, “Who is the creative genius behind this beneficent marketing tool?” Well, it’s none other than Rex Price, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Image Market Inc.

You might also be wondering, “Why would Rex be motivated to launch such a public-spirited endeavor?”  The explanation requires more than just a pat answer; the motivation behind promoting hardworking, talented photographers is most definitely rooted in Rex’s life-long love of photography as a versatile art form and an essential tool for adding to the historical record…but there’s more to it than that.  As an entrepreneur, problem solver, website developer, and digital marketer, Rex hopes to be successful in shining light on the value of his knowledge and online marketing skills to those who would benefit the most.  Namely, professional photographers and other creatives who recognize that digital marketing when done right can be very time intensive but is absolutely required to be more successful in this increasingly competitive and ever-changing marketplace.